Urban Luxury – Crafted for the Authentic Curator

Indulge in the luxury of our curated collections, where each piece is a testament to our purpose and dedication to excellence.

Founded in Melbourne, LOWF’s design ethos draws inspiration from urban landscapes and unique architecture. Our philosophy revolves around elevating style through signature silhouettes and uncommon proportions.

Our purpose goes beyond the norm – we’re a collective of connection centered curators, bringing purpose and people back into the world of apparel. LOWF empowers you to feel a sense of belonging to a purpose that does good, for people and planet.

Our commitment to ethical practices is woven into every fabric we produce. Our garments are ethically made, produced from certified organic and recycled materials. To us it's about making a conscious choice that reflects our core values.

We invite you to be part of a movement, where high quality meets high purpose.


Our Ethos – Breaking Bread™

The essence of connection is baked into everything we do. At our core, we're driven by the purpose to ignite warmth and foster social embrace, transcending beyond the norm to create unbreakable bonds.

Breaking Bread™ is bringing like-minded conscious curators together to forge lasting connections through shared experiences. It's about finding yourself, discovering your crowd, and collectively shaping the future of the culture.

Breaking Bread™ is a celebration of camaraderie, a taste of shared moments, and a promise of unforgettable connections.

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Style with a Conscience – Fair Trade & Sustainability

We believe in creating garments that are better for you, the planet, and the people who make them. We work with fair trade partners throughout the supply chain to bring you quality pieces crafted from certified organic cotton and recycled materials.

From the careful selection of materials to the meticulous construction process, we ensure that every step in our supply chain meets our high standards of sustainability and fair labour practices.

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Community Over Cliques

Our apparel may be exclusive in numbers, but we’re not exclusionary in ethos. Think limited-run production, not limited invitations. We believe in quality over quantity, like your closest circle.

Doing Good, In Good Company

We work with organic and recycled materials, and share a production line with the world’s most premium ethical luxury brands. Our garments are better for you, the planet, and the people who make them.

Original Garments

The LOWF team produces 100% original designs, produced from the ground up: the pattern, cut, fit, colour... down to the thread. Making each garment feel effortlessly comfortable, like silence among good friends.

In Discussion with Fashion Journal

Meet our Founder Sione, the creative force (and ball of positive energy) behind LOWF and hear about the journey of LOWF and his mission to build the brand from the ground up in a way that sparks connection with people.